Why You Should Switch to Using Outboard Motor Engines

28 Sep 23

A lot of boaters nowadays prefer outboard motors since they are more efficient than inboard motors. That’s why many of them, especially those who own boats with inboard engines, want to upgrade their motors to outboard. If you are thinking about buying a boat or want to upgrade your current engine to a more durable and reliable one but need a compelling reason to push yourself into doing it, here are five valid reasons why you should bite in and get yourself an outboard motor:

More Space

Outboard motors can just be mounted onto the exterior of your boat’s transom which frees up a lot of space on your deck, especially towards the stern. This allows you to create extra seating options for your passengers or use the area for storage. As you won’t have a bulky motor in your path, you can use the extra space according to your preference.

Increased Longevity of Outboards

Inboard motors have more or less the same components as car motors which means they are not really designed to be totally exposed in marine environments. They are heavy, bulky, have lots of components that can rust, and require complicated heat exchanges, and other components that make them an overall hassle and frankly, less suitable for boats.

Outboard motors, on the other hand, were designed by engineers from various boat manufacturers to meet the needs of the marine environment. Every component is made to withstand high loads and constant exposure to water. These motors are purpose-built and will log many hours before needing a replacement.

Servicing is More Affordable

Inboard maintenance is difficult and often results in much more costly jobs because a marine technician qualified to service inboard engines has to perform complex repairs on your behalf. Improper maintenance is the leading cause of engine damage, and not doing these tasks well is extremely detrimental to your boat’s condition.

For outboard engines, you won’t have this problem at all. You can conveniently service your motor right to a servicing workshop. Since outboards can be brought easily and are generally accessible, they have cheaper maintenance costs. The ease of outboard maintenance is a contributing factor to their increased longevity. We

More Efficient Power

Outboard motors, especially the newly released ones, are extremely powerful with better fuel economy, faster performance, and more efficient power compared with inboard propulsion systems.

Improved Draft

Outboard engines have a shallow draft that lets you cruise along lakes, rivers, and coastal waters with ease. If you plan to use your boat to go fishing offshore or swim along the coast, an outboard motor-powered vessel will be a better option for you. These engines let you go on a plane position without worrying about running aground or facing difficulty in shallower areas of the water.

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